Bipolar When It Counts

{November 23, 2012}   Missing: Hubby’s wallet. No reward as I have all the money.

So for the last week, hubbys wallet has been missing. He could not remember where he left it, no matter where I suggested. I ended up telling him that from now on, once we found it, that unless he was going out without me, his wallet was, from this point on, going to reside in my purse. He just laughed. I thinkhe thought I was kidding. I really was serious though. He just doesn’t know it yet… So today I was downstairs doing laundry when, lo and behold, there was his wallet. Falling out of the pocket of his jeans. Laying beside it was a Swiss army knife and a poker chip. Oh, the things a man keeps in his pockets. Well, at least it has been found, lol. No more begging me to find it while he is at work. And did I get a thank you? Hell no. Just ” I told you it was in my other jeans.” If you knew, why didn’t you go get it then? Oh well. At least its been found. This time it only took a week. The last time it was missing for so long that we had to cancel his bank card and buy him a new wallet, all because it fell under the dresser…


TJ says:

We were together last Sunday, and I was the keeper of the wallet, and Monday I went to work…with the wallet…which he needed … Oops!

Lol. The keeper of the wallet. I like that!

TJ says:

Haha. Love this, and that is why I usually have Dan’s whenever we gout together 😀

I know. Hubby swore he would never let it happen, and yet the day has finally come. Haha I win!

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