Bipolar When It Counts

{November 19, 2012}   Long time

Again its been a long time since I posted anything here. I dontmean to neglect it, honestly. I just sometimes have a brainfart and forget that I have this going on in my head that requires a vent. Then my life blows up and I find myself crawling back and asking forgiveness for my absence.

So, I am *finally stable. At least, so I have been told. But what is stable, really?  Is it the ability to have a conversation with someone without flying into a rage? Or losing yourself in a field of rabbits (also known as random thought syndrome)?

If its one of those, then to be honest, I am truly fucked. Because I still do those things. Yeah, I know. I really need to do something about those damn rabbits…

You know, I am realizing that I am more unique than I ever realized. Truly. I have all this stuff going on, all kinds of random health problems, physical and mental, and yet I am… Well, I am kinda happy with who I am. Thanks to a random person, I have made a new discovery that I am happy with. Its a game changer. So thank you for what you said.

And on that note, I have pizza waiting. Gonna eat me some pizza…..  Okay, Im done. Im going. Really. (Anybody else notice the rabbits today?)


It’s absolutely lovely that you are liking who you are, despite your tough time with health problems. Maybe that is the key to your stable state – the ability to not only accept yourself and your illness, but to like all of it as a whole being.

I think so. Even though I am aware of how someone’s mental health can be affected by their physical health, it is still interesting to see it in action

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