Bipolar When It Counts

{June 16, 2012}   Shopping trip…

Today was an incredibly long day. I was up early this morning, after only 4 hours sleep. I honestly tried to sleep, but, in the end, it eluded me once again.

Squirt and I decided to surprise everyone with coffee from Tim Bottoms, so we went for a walk to the hospital nearby, which has a Timmies in the lobby. We got home to find my oldest chickie boo awake and already on the computer.  Woke up Hubby, and out the door once coffees were gone. Chickie boo stayed home.

We had a good time today, if a good time can be had while going bed shopping. We bought new beds for everyone, along with new bedding and pillows. I think we actually had more fun with the new bedding, lol.

After such a long day, did we come home and chill out? At first, I guess. We all piled onto my bed and watched a movie. I made pizza for supper, and Squirt headed for bed — always a drama. Oh, to be 9 again…

So, at the end of the day, what’s our head count? Squirt’s in bed, Chickie boo is on the computer, where she seems to have been most of the day, and Hubby and I are upstairs watching Immortal again. Such a good movie…

So, am I tired? Uh, no, not really. Am I going to sleep tonight? Don’t know yet, but I hope so.

To all my readers out there, have a great night.  As tomorrow is Father’s Day, I won’t be posting anything new. Check back on Monday evening for a new post!


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