Bipolar When It Counts

{June 8, 2012}   Should do???

Ok, ok, I know my last entry was boring. But honestly, its an issue that we all face. One of the biggest problems that I deal with every single day is trying to do too much. A ‘must do’ schedule is vital for me to make sure I get the basics taken care of. Sure, it might sound sole enough, get out of bed, have coffee/ breakfast, shower and dress. But if I don’t have those reminders, it is very easy for me to get caught up in the ‘want to do’s.’

I know its a bit late, but here is a strategy for that ‘should do’ list I mentioned.

1.  Take a look at this list every day. Is there something on it that you can do now? After lunch?  Feel free to add those to your schedule to the day.

2.  Forgive yourself.  This is so important. If you are too busy, run out of time, or just feel too overwhelmed with your day, go ahead and not do it. There is no need to feel badly because you forgot to vacuum under the couch cushions. Believe me, the only one who cares is you.

Whatever you do, DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP OVER YOUR MISSED ACTIVITIES! All you end up doing is causing more stress for yourself.

I realize that all this may sound ridiculous at the moment, but trust me when I say that it can make a big difference when trying to manage bipolar disorder.

Think of it almost as a kind of therapy.  It pairs nicely with meds and support groups (which fits under the category of appointments in my next entry). 

Just try it. Once you establish a good routine and your supports are familiar with it as well, amazing things can happen.  And, as your mood changes from high to low, or vice versa, you may be able to pick up on the hints that a mood change is coming.  A warning that maybe all is not well.

Here’s a challenge.  Try this for a few weeks.  If you haven’t already, go back and read my last entry on creating a ‘must do’ list.  Make your own lists, and then a schedule that works for you.  Let me know how it goes. And I’m always ready and able to answer any questions. If you want some privacy, email me.

Good luck, and don’t forget to let me know your thoughts!


You don’t have to make one every day. Just one that has all of your daily “must not forgets.”. It’s all about routine, so these things won’t change from day to day. Time you wake up, times to take meds, meal times, bedtime, feed pets, shower. All things that you NEED to do every day.

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