Bipolar When It Counts

{June 2, 2012}   Long time coming… Part 1

I must apologize for the extreme delay in posting again. I realize that six months is far too long to leave a blog alone, but alas, I fell into a bad state.  I decided, like so many people in my position, to stop taking my meds. It’s now been 5 months or so, and, to be honest, it sucks.

Well, not really. Wait. Yes, it does…

So. How about a recap, shall we?

JUNE 2011

Started seeing a new psychiatrist. She put me on Buspar for anxiety. Also, Zoloft.  I questioned this one but she said it would be fine as it was only a small dose. Started at 50mg.


Saw psych Dr again (hereafter known as psydoc).  She INCREASED my Zoloft to 150mg.  Idiot. Any doc with half a brain knows better than to give a bipolar patient f***ing Zoloft. But I took it. Guess that makes me an idiot too, doesn’t it?


My lithium stops working. Now, if I am honest with myself, it hadn’t been working for quite some time. Why, after more than 6 years, was it failing?

Tune in tomorrow for more of my most recent journey into madness…

Leave me a comment and tell me what you think?  Should I have just seen another Dr? Or did I make the right choice?


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